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Philippines: June Buds

The month of June is normally the start of the rainy season in the Philippines. And with the rains come the buds, the new leaves, the hope for a coming harvest. In the past month of June, we saw new contacts, new prospects, and new plans for the opening of new CCI equipping classes.

We don’t have classes yet in Siquijor, but a close look at Google Maps shows several churches on the island. Pastor Melvin Caindoy went on a boat and stayed in Siquijor for two days to promote CCI. He rented a motorcycle and drove around the island looking for the churches indicated on the map. Some of them no longer exist or have moved to other locations. But he was able to meet with the leaders of two churches and told them about CCI. He left flyers at those churches where the pastors were not present. He intends to go back another time to follow up on these contacts.



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