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Thailand: CCI Mission: Never Stop Growing & Expanding

We praise God for the CCI mission in Thailand where we have a clear goal to equip pastors and leaders for the development of the church, the ministry and the community.

Praise God for Pastor Chatri, who is a CCI Area Coordinator. He taught the Bible to many people in rural areas and mountains that are difficult to travel. But at the heart of being a mentor and teacher, he wants to see his students gain knowledge of the Bible and apply it in their individual lives. He has been working with CCI for several years and we praise God that every year we would see the results from the people he taught. These students were going out to teach the Word of God to the faithful in order to preserve the truth of the Word. And likewise, this month we saw one of his CCI alumni go forth by God's guidance and call to pioneer a new church. it started with a small number of believers, but has now multiplied more and more believers in Jesus.

We really have to admit that the focus on training and preparation of people is very important to the believer and to expand the mission. Therefore, the CCI mission is to never stop growing and expanding the training and preparation for the next generations. We will join hands as a spiritual body until the return of Jesus Christ.


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