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Thailand: New Year, New Coordinators!

Praise God for this year 2024! We started with the addition of 12 new coordinators! Thank you to CCI President, Dr. David Nelson, Vice President Pastor Glenn Kurka, and all donors and supporters who have been instrumental in expanding the ministry in Thailand and furthering the Kingdom of God.

To equip the new coordinators, we organized a training session on being a coordinator and facilitator. We spent 4 days together learning and training on the goals, vision, and values of the CCI organization, as well as the role of the coordinators, their responsibilities, and what they are expected to do.

Praise God, we have been strengthened by our time together. This time, the purpose was to expand the kingdom of God. We, therefore, thought of this year's motto for 2024 as having the same goal: to “expand forward.” Thailand has received the Good News of Jesus for nearly 200 years, but the number of believers still hasn't increased as much as it should. Less than 1% of the total population of 70 million believes. Missionary organizations, various Christian agencies, and sects are striving to increase the number of believers in Thailand, including the development of leaders in the country. However, it still hasn't gone as well as it should. Our thoughts and actions must be based on the truth of God's Word, teaching the Word and transforming lives to be like Jesus Christ. Training these individuals will equip them to be true disciples ready to bear fruit in God's mission. Throughout history, as illustrated in the Bible, Jesus made 12 disciples, Abraham obeyed God until God fulfilled His promise, and the apostolic age faithfully taught the Word and diligently served God.



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