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Vietnam: A Moment to Look Back

One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 90. It teaches me about the contemplation of the eternal nature of God and the temporal nature of human life. It acknowledges the brevity and fragility of human existence in contrast to the everlasting nature of God. The psalmist expresses a sense of awe and humility before God, recognizing His power and justice. It emphasizes the need for wisdom and a proper perspective on life, acknowledging the transient nature of human life and the importance of seeking God's favor and guidance. The psalm concludes with a plea for God's mercy and a desire for His favor to be upon His people. Overall, Psalm 90 underscores the eternal nature of God and calls for a recognition of our mortality and dependence on Him.

Whenever I come to the last week of the year, I prefer reading and preaching on this passage. I have learned 4 points: (1) The limitations of human life, (2) Look back at the past, (3) Acknowledge the present, and (4) Look forward to the future.

I express my perpetual gratitude to the Lord for His providential care and abundant grace extended to me and our ministry throughout the preceding year. However, I have consistently harbored a sense of dissatisfaction regarding my performance in my role, as my actions have failed to align adequately with the bestowed grace. Read More.



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