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Vietnam: Hope for Churches in Times of Crisis

At the onset of the current year, Vietnam experienced a population surge, reaching a milestone of one hundred million individuals. Concurrently, the government committee for Religious Affairs delivered disheartening news, indicating that the number of Evangelical Christians declined by 1.2 million, a figure lower than previously reported. Although some individuals harbor skepticism towards this report, the prevailing sentiment suggests that it accurately reflects the prevailing circumstances within our country's churches.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, we embarked on two journeys to the United States in 2022 and 2023. These trips entailed visits to churches and benefactors along the East Coast. During our travels, we bore witness to a gradual decline in the local churches subsequent to the outbreak. Several congregations experienced a loss of approximately fifty percent of their faithful adherents.

Considering the future prospects of these churches, it is essential to acknowledge the delicate state of our world. Escalating partisan hostilities and geopolitical tensions have reached a critical juncture, while the rapid development of technologies such as AI has outpaced ethical evaluations. A pervasive sense of anxiety and despair permeates society. Amidst this chaos and uncertainty, individuals yearn for something reliably true and genuinely hopeful. We firmly believe that what they seek is the gospel of Jesus Christ—the epitome of truth and ultimate hope in the world.



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