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Vietnam: How Do You Confront Change?

In the next few months, our family will face many changes. My son will go to secondary school this

August, my wife is going to return to her job, and my twin daughters are going to kindergarten in July. Personally, I am going to have a two-month trip. I am always feeling worried and afraid of changes. I fear change because it means that outcomes are unknown.

Change is very difficult. Whether it’s changing a habit or attitude or job or city, change is always a challenge. The fear of failure also comes into play to create a fear of change. If I don’t know how something will turn out, I rather not try because the outcome could be bad. It’s not easy to get out from a comfort zone.

The bible is filled with stories of people who had to experience the pain associated with change in order to receive the blessings that positive change brought into their lives. Such as: Abraham, left his country and went to live in a foreign land that he didn’t know. Mary, she had changed her concept of what God could do. She changed her mind about what God could and couldn’t do and God blessed her in a away no woman has or will be blessed again.


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